Our Services

Following a rich experience in the Food Business in Paris, Los Angeles, New York and more recently in Krakow, we will tailor our expertise to your needs in the following fields: 

Project Management

Food Projects

Our Project Management services usually apply to new projects that are in a pre-development stage or already in development. They may cover:
- Overall business planning and scheduling,
- Market research and analysis,
- Laboratory and commercial space scouting, selection and lease negotiation,
- Building and improvement scheduling and supervision,
- Production facility organization, equipment selection,
- Dining room and retail space design,
- Staff management and training.

Staff Training

French Pastry and Cooking

We can provide professional training on a personal level or to an entire staff.
- Training sessions can be performed in your premises.
- Extensive indications are provided concerning the execution of the recipes, the assembly of the final products and their conservation and serving process.
- Recipes are provided along will food cost calculations according to your purchase cost of ingredients.
- Recommendations are provided regarding the equipment and ingredients necessary to perform the sessions.

Financial Consulting

New ventures or Business Development

Are you in the process of launching a new venture in the food business?
We write Business Plans, Feasibility and Investment Analysis to better target your project and prepare all necessary documents for your backing partners and financial institutions.
Want to develop your menu and add new food items such as French dishes and Pastries?
Along with recipes and staff training, we can provide Food Cost Analysis services.


Equipment and Ingredients

For professionals
We can recommend and find specific tools or pieces of equipment for your business, such as molds, frames etc.
We also can provide you with quality ingredients which are used in the preparation of fine French pastries.
For individuals
Cannot find professional equipment or ingredients that you are looking for in stores or on the web? We can get them for you, directly from France. We also propose to group your orders to obtain substantial discounts and to amortize shipping charges. More about this offer soon.